Scary Mommy’s Thanksgiving Project

Scary Mommy's Thanksgiving Project.

Sharing this in the hopes of helping a fellow blogger spread good in the world!!

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Coming Unglu’d: Blueberry Buckle

Coming Unglu'd: Blueberry Buckle.

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Reminder: I’m Giving Away Free Tickets to Fiji!

Reminder: I’m Giving Away Free Tickets to Fiji!.

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Hi Everyone, make sure to check out my current blog….

Please come over and check out, this is my current blog and I’m much more up to speed w/this endeavor at this point. I will however come back to this blog from time to time to post on green living. (sorry I’ve been so absent from the green bells) I’m kicking off a new business & since finding out I was gluten intolerant, doing a lot of research & losing 35 lbs., I feel great & no more migraines!! Talk to you all soon!

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>Custom No-Sew High End look Bed

>Lyds’ No-Sew Upholstered Bed, here is the link to this gorgeous project shared by Ana White. I love her blog, read it often, she shares great do-it-yourself projects, some for even the most skeptical DIY’ers.
This particular bed is not only gorgeous, but also cost effective (steal at about $100), looks high end & because you’re making this yourself & it’s not a mass produced (or over produced) purchase product, it’s eco-friendly as well.
I really feel like I could make this bed; that being said…stay tuned. I will be making this within the next couple months & will post pics of my progress.
If any of you decide to try this I ask that you share as well.
As always thanks for reading & please follow my blog, or subscribe to my RSS.

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>Very Sad Letter Today from our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farmer Dave

>Very Sad News to report from Plato’s Harvest (our local CSA farm)  This is a letter I received today (email) from Farmer Dave to the CSA members:

Hi All. Happy Snowstorm! (again)

The lease on the land at Fuller Street was changed abruptly, unexpectedly, and unacceptably and I have decided to not renew it. I still have three acres at the Soule farm that I will be growing on for 2011.

What this means for the csa is that there is no distribution spot, and I will not be selling shares this year. I will continue to sell at the Plymouth and Cambridge farmers markets.

I have been putting this email off in the hope that I would figure something else out by now. My first impulse was to look for another piece of land to serve as a distribution spot and continue what I’ve done for the past several years. There are a couple of other local possibilities that may be available to lease, but it’s not going to happen in time for this year.

These weeks since I decided not to renew have made me see ‘the farm’ in a new light, and think hard about what it is I’m trying to accomplish, how and why. The thought of trying to maintain separate locations, with insecure tenure agreements, that I don’t own is no longer attractive. It’s hard to be able to make long-term plans, decisions and investment in land that you don’t own, or a situation that you can’t control.

So 2011 will be a year of scaled-back operations which will allow me to explore other possibilities for the future, hopefully locally, hopefully farm-related.

I sincerely appreciate the support you all have shown me. I know that we have a viable model, a desirable and valuable community resource, that I can use to make a winning pitch to the right opportunity. It’s also been a pleasure to get to know you all, some for several years now, and some quite well. Stay tuned.


ps, if you know of someone with an old farm with from 10 to 100 acres of stone-free sandy loam cultivated fields, pasture, and wood lot, trustee land, conservation-restricted land, looking to sell or for long-term tenancy, send them my way :`)

pps, we will continue to have farm field days, with the first scheduled for early april for potato and onion planting, details to follow.

Blog Author’s Note**Please, Please if you know anyone with a farm as described above, will you please comment, or contact me**  Thank you, Colette

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Today I dedicate my blog to Martin Luther King, Jr.

A man who once said, “A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’m sure when it was said he did not know how unfortunately true those words would be.  As his life was cut short we will never know how much more he could have given to the world, but we can be thankful that he gave us what he had and that was all of himself. 

Today’s post is in Memoriam to Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the most prolific leaders in our Nation’s history.

Peace and Love to all!

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